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Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Management System is a web application that is designed for stock management, payroll system, and inventory management. This app will help the owner of any shop to manage accounts, sales, inventory, and staff information. Furthermore, this software has the ability to send notifications to clients, staff via SMS API service. Further addition, this system will generate reports related to sales, inventory, staff salary and expenses related queries with date rage and with some custom attributes.

Access Levels

This software will have the following 3 access levels.

  1. Admin
  2. Accountant
  3. Salesman

Each level has limited access except Admin. However, Admin can grant some extra permission to any account. For example, Admin can give permission to any accountant or salesman to edit or delete the data.

Software Modules:-

Following modules are available in point of sale and Inventory management system:-

  1. Main Dashboard (Whole software’s status at a glance)
  2. Product Management (Manage products product categories, brands with barcode)
  3. Dealers Purchasing (Manage purchases and dealers payments)
  4. Stock Management (Manage stock of your store)
  5. Invoice Management (Manage paid & canceled/returned invoices)
  6. Quotations (Prepare quotations for your clients)
  7. POS (Sale page with barcode reading)
  8. HRD (Manage staff, salaries, leaves, and bonus or advance, etc.)
  9. SMS Facility (send SMS/Notifications to customers, staff, and groups)
  10. Email Facility (send Email/Notifications to customers, staff, and groups)
  11. Demanded Products (Module for demanded products that are not available in-store)
  12. WordPress Integration (Update products quantity, prices, images and detail to WordPress through App)
  13. Manage Expense (All expenses of office or personal)
  14. Quick Reports (Reports of various type of queries)
  15. Custom Reports (Custom controlled based generated reports)
  16. Settings Module (Setting of whole software will be there)
  17. Loan Management (Personal loans information) (Note: Interest-free loans)
  18. Logs Module (Logs of every important entries and user’s activities)
  19. Reminders Module (Reminders for important tasks)
  20. Notification Module (Notifications for Teachers, Parents or Accountant via Alert Box or SMS or Email)
  21. Permission Module (Admin will grant permission to any user)
  22. Widgets Module (Module for showing/hiding widgets or tools)
  23. QATB (Quick Access Tool Bar)
  24. Address book (Contacts of important persons)
  25. Backup/Restore (Take and restore backup)
  26. Profile (update profile of logged in user)

Modules in Details:-

Now let’s see every module in detail.

1. Dashboard Module

The Dashboard is considered as the most beautiful and comprehensive part of any software. So like other Softwares, we also have a dashboard in Point of Sale and Inventory Management to show you the following data in graphs and lists:-

  • Items in store
  • Customers
  • Total Income
  • Expenses
  • Sales & Purchase graphs
  • Top selling products, categories, and brands
  • Recent invoices top 10
  • Last 30 days income and expenses chart
  • Payroll information
  • Finished Products list top 10
  • Low quantity Products list top 10

2. Products management

This module will help to manage products and their brands and categories. Furthermore, different kinds of reports can be generated through this information.

This module will have the following options:-

  • Add/Edit/List/Delete Categories with Category Name and Remarks
  • Add/Edit/List/Delete Companies with Company Name and Remarks
  • Add/Edit/List/View Barcode/View Attachment options with Product Name, Barcode, Category, Company/Brand, Image and Remarks
  • Add/Edit/List/Delete Racks and Product Locations with Product Name, Rack and Remarks

 3. Dealers Purchasing

You can manage Dealers data, balance, and purchasing information along with dealer’s ledger.

This module will have the following options:-

  • Add/Edit/List/Delete Dealers with Dealer Name, Category deals in, Company Name, Mobile, Email and Address
  • Add/Edit/List/Delete of purchased invoices from the dealer with Title of purchase | dealer name | Invoice No. | Invoice date | Purchase Date | Purchase Price | Paid Amount | Balance | Payment Method | Payment Note | Image of invoice (Picture can be taken from android mobile)

4. Stock/Inventory management

In this module, you can manage,  in/out stock. This is the actual store. The following information will available in this module:-

  • Purchase ID
  • Product Name
  • Stock to be entered
  • Purchase Price
  • Unit Price
  • Sale Price
  • Minimum Price “can’t be sold below this price”
  • Alert Items quantity “when reached this quantity system will warn you”

5. Invoice Management

This module will have the following options:-

  • Add/Edit/List Invoices with customer name, items, price, shipment, tax, discount, total, paid, balance, profit, Invoice #, Invoice Date, Salesman, Status of Invoice “Paid or Cancelled”
  • Delete Invoice
  • List items related to any invoice in a popup box
  • Cancel/Return
  • Print Invoice

 6. Quotation Module:-

This option is just like the POS page but the difference is that no stock will be deducted from inventory. After confirmation of the quotation just on one click, all items will be added into the cart for generating sales invoices.

7. POS page:-

The page where you can add your product to generate sales invoices.

Process of this page

  • Select product/Scan Bar code (If the product is not in the list you can add it from here OR if the product is not from your store this can also be added with purchase and sale price)
  • Quantity, Price and per item discount
  • Select customer or add a customer or just leave it to Walkin customer
  • Enter the paid amount and click on pay this bill

 8. HRD Module:-

In this module, the staff members will be added to their salary information. Employee form will have the following information:

Full Name | Father Name | CNIC | Designation | Basic Pay | Allowances | Gross Pay | Per day | Mobile | Address

All staff will also be shown in a list where they can be searched with names, CNIC, Mobile, etc. Admin can upload scan documents of every staff member for later use. Leave record will also be maintained within this panel. Delete and Update functions will also be included for staff members.

9. SMS Module:-

SMS module will responsible to send SMS to:-

  • Customers
  • Dealers
  • Salesman
  • Groups
  • Add/Update/List/Delete SMS groups
  • SMS to a single number

10. Email Module:-

Email module will responsible to send Emails to:-

  • Customers
  • Dealers
  • Groups
  • Add/Update/List/Delete Email groups
  • Single address

 11. Demanded Products

Sometimes you need or your client needs some product that is not is your shop so you have to note down these products. This module is for that kind of job. In our Point of Sale and Inventory Management, the following features are available:-

  • Add/Edit/List/Delete of demanded products with the demanded item name, customer name, mobile, Email, unit price, required quantity, total, advance, date, remarks, and status

 12. WordPress Integration

Add products into WordPress with product name, image, category, price, discount and stock from your web app.

13. Expenses Module:-

In this module, expenses will be added with expenses heads. Admin will add expenses heads like Salary, Entertainment, Office Decoration, Fuel, Utility Bills, etc. and then expenses will be added using these heads with Expenses subject, amount, date, and detail. This expense all also be shown in a list and with Update and delete functions. On accountant and admin can add expenses.

14. Quick Reports Widget:-

Reporting is a very important part of every software so we added with following features with the date range and print option

  • Sales report
  • Expenses report
  • Demanded products
  • Salaries paid
  • Paid Invoices
  • Customers payment
  • Dealers payments
  • List of credited customers

15. Custom Reports:-

Fully dynamic and fully users controlled based reports generation module. With this great module, the admin can create his own reports as per need. Admin can set his own search and listing fields. For example, if you need a report that only needs customer’s contacts, then you can generate it easily and if you need reports of sold items with date and amount and dealer information, you can do it by yourself.

 16. Settings Module:-

  • Software settings like Shop Name, Address, Phone Number, Email & Facebook
  • System Logo update options
  • SMS API settings
  • Email Settings
  • Print options for invoices whether print on A4 size or on a thermal page. Print page right after purchase or not. Terms of conditions on Invoice, quotations.
  • Control notifications settings like show notification or not, show notification in detail or in one line, show notification about low stock or not, show notification about finished stock or not. Show backup database reminder or not
  • Widgets control panel. You can show and hide various widgets.

17. Loan management:-

This module will help to manage loans taken or given. Payments can be added to each account. Balance detail will be sent right after payment.

This module will have the following options:-

  • Add/Edit/List/Delete Loan with Person Name, Contact, Address, Loan amount, taken on the date, Installment amount, Days margin and loan remarks
  • Add/Edit/List/Delete payments with Paid amount, balance, Payment date with time and remarks
  • Ledger print option

 18. Logs Module:- 

In this module, every important entry of the site will available. Every entry will pick the user’s browser, IP and operating system and will save into the database for further necessary action.

19. Reminders Module:-

Site users (admin, salesman or accountant) can add reminders for anything. These reminders will automatically be shown on any page or SMS can be sent to site users on date and time specified during setting reminders. These reminders are useful when you have to do something important.

 20. Notification Module:-

This module is only for Administrators. Admin can add Notifications that will pop up on a specific date and time and during adding of the notification group or person can be defined To Whom It May Concern. This notification can be stopped by the site users after viewing.

 21. Permission Module:-

            Admin can set Permissions for any site user. Very useful and powerful module. You have a full access control system.

 22. Widgets Modules:-

            Another useful module, the admin will have control over some custom modules. Some optional modules or widgets can be uninstalled/installed. For example, if you don’t need an SMS module or Reminder module you can uninstall it. If you don’t want to show income and expense widget on the dashboard, then you can uninstall it. However, you can install it again when it needs it.

 23. QATB module:-

            This is an optional but very attractive widget. With the help of this module admin or any site’s user can make his own Toolbar for easy access to frequently used options. Admin or site user can add link of any page or website that are frequently used. These links will available always on the Title bar for easy access.

24. Address book:-

The Address book is a module where you can add important contacts/addresses. You can save the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Numbers
  • Emails
  • Profession
  • CNIC
  • Company
  • Address
  • Remarks

25. Backup/Restore:-

Only admin can take selection based backup. Restore option is also available by uploading the SQL file.

26. Profile:-

Logged in user can update his profile i.e. Full Name, CNIC, Phone, etc.


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