urdu qaida

Urdu Quaida

A Beautiful Powerpoint Presentation for Children to Learn Urdu Alphabets

What is Urdu Quaida?

Urdu Qaida is a Powerpoint (a  Microsoft Product) presentation designed for children to learn basic alphabets of Urdu Language. This will help children to Urdu basic words. Just like the Urdu pre-book, there are some exercises that will clear the concept of learned words. I designed this E-Book for my daughter when she was in Nursery Class. She learned from this presentation so I decided to share it with others.

There are many colorful and beautiful pictures that I have downloaded from the Internet and then modified it as per need.

How to use Urdu Quaida?

First thing is to install MS Powerpoint into your system. This presentation will show the best presentation on PC or Laptop so please use your PC or Laptop to view this presentation.

After installation of Powerpoint Now Extract content from the Urdu Qaida folder, here you’ll see one file and one folder. A folder named “Install_font_first” will contain the Nastaleeq font file, so open it and install Nastaleeq font otherwise you’ll not see Urdu font properly. Now, after the installation of Nastaleeq font, you are ready to use this Book. Open it by double click and use it.

Terms of use

  • This presentation can be used without any warranty
  • You are free to distribute and upload this presentation on your own website but you are not allowed to sell copies of this presentation
  • You are not allowed to remove any text or image from this presentation
  • Images used in this presentation have been downloaded from Internet via Google Search so if someone is the owner of any image and doesn’t want to see his image in this presentation then he can contact me I’ll remove it from the later version.

Need Improvement in Urdu Qaida?

If you feel that there is something wrong in this Qaida then you are welcome to contact me for any kind of improvements. Just fill THIS form and send me your query.

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